Bologna, a moment: pavements and skies (English version)

Saturday I went to Bologna and I had the chance to witness a moment.

I was sitting in front of Piazza Maggiore (the biggest place in Bologna) and I was looking to the people passing by.

There was a festival of sport and many stands related (from running shoes to wellness books, there was a stand too where you could measure how fit you are and how much fat there is in your body, isn’t it marvellous? 😉 ).

I had the chance to look nearer to Bologna inhabitants (“i Bolognesi!”) as a scientist would and, of course, I took some pics.

IMG_2444 IMG_2432

Did you ever notice how cool “i Bolognesi” are? Everyone is smiling and well dressed, almost hipster like, but without the typical distance and feeling of random superiority a hipster has (if you are a hipster, please, just “tsk”me and go on).

People in Piazza maggiore - Bologna

People walking in Piazza Maggiore – Bologna

There is something genuine in the look they have.  Noticing a large amount of leather jackets, t-shirts, jeans and converse snickers, I came to the conclusion that they are fit for the millennium and I can only add that… they “Rock”!

Black tutus, they rock, don't they?

black tutu in the streets (if this is not rock…)

As I said, thinking so deeply, following a pair of  flowery jeans (don’t ask), my eyes and I met this guy.

He was in his twenties and was sitting on the other side of the road on the pavement.

freeze the moment, what's happening over there?

Freeze the moment, what’s happening over there?

As in some kind of spell, I was stuck and couldn’t help but staring. This young man was sitting right in the middle of the pavement, when he lay back with his arm behind his head and looked up to the sky while listening to his music.

For a moment, the “happy me” thought “Cool!” and imagined that he was in a garden back on the grass, watching a blue summer sky while listening...mmm let me guess…could it be Joy Division or Echo and the Bunnymen? or maybe this song of David Bowie? (Sound Of Vision -

Then lost in that blue blue blue electric blue sky, the “anxious me” brought me back to reality and I thought that maybe he was not feeling well and needed some kind of help.

While deciding what to do, two women (they were paramedics) decided it for me and kindly asked him if he was feeling well. He shook himself from the state of meditation he was in and nodded. The two women were relieved and went away. For a moment that to me looked endless, the guy sat and took his head in his hands, then he stood up, shook his trousers and, in less than a second, he was out of my sight.

I was still stuck in the moment and looked at the point in the pavement where he had lay: it looked so void and cruel. It was as if the guy was deprived of something, and with him leaving, I had the feeling of a loss.

Was it the loss of the ingenuity of youth and the loss of the chance to stare innocently to the sky while people was passing by?

I don’t now, but it felt as if some kind of crime just happened and as if something was missing.

street art in Bologna, some kind of warrior attitude is needed

street art in Bologna, some kind of warrior attitude is needed

(Nonetheless I hope that, as me, that guy still would succeed in finding refuge in music and in a blue sky)

All and all it’s been a blast
But fame and fortune never last
So, we’ll take refuge in the sound 

Turin Brakes: They can’t buy the Sunshine:






Digitally Engaged e Sbadata per Caso: una combinazione letale ;) Digitally Engaged and Unintentionally Absentminded: a lethal combination ;-) I am into Graphic Design, Photography and Social Media

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Sbadata per caso

Digitally enganged e sbadata per caso: una combinazione letale! ;-)
Unintentional absent-minded and Digitally engaged: a lethal combination ;-)

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