I wanted 2 be Wendy Melvoin* (may I share a Kiss?)

So here it is, again, another loss.  It seems that Sometimes it snows in April too, did you know?

Music 2 me is a savior, singers save my day most of the times and yet, sometimes music is so painful to me, I, we,  have 2 face that mine/our saviors or heroes are humans and have to die too.
So here it is the only tribute I can share 2 my Prince.
It was Purple rain that made me cry like a dove and put me in a st8 of complete adoration, me, Me that I was and still I am a fan of Michael Jackson! Can U believe it? Such a shock!

I was stuck with the spell of a simple Kiss: I wished so much I could be Wendy Melvoin (* 12/25/2016 or as it seems her sister, see in the comments below, thanks Kela), sitting on that chair and playing that incredible funky soul mixed guitar riff while Prince would be dancing and singing those lines 2 me:

“You got to not talk dirty, baby
If you want to impress me”

Prince and Wendy Melvoin in Kiss a screen shot from Kiss

Prince and Wendy Melvoin in Kiss

Damn! I wanted so much to be Wendy Melvoin…And the dance he made? Awesome as the final scream! Uh!

ahi Prince

ahi Prince

Do U remember?

If not and you weren’t so lucky like me to be a teenager in the 80s, here it is, that incredible video, Kiss (loop from now on 2 4ever):


(click on the link above 2 see or click this: http://videos.sapo.pt/K4nUH22uaY5pfEBDQoK0)

A little diversion in here: please notice Wendy Melvoin in the video. Isn’t she an incredible guitarist?  I think that one reason, that I admired so much Prince, was also because he wasn’t afraid to share the stage with powerful and talented women. Am I wrong or he was the first, maybe just as Michael Jackson, to valorize women not only for their beauty, but also for their talent in music? Think about Sheila E, an incredible drummer, Wendy and Lisa, and Sheena Easton, for example. That was great of him and important for women too.

All right, all right, enough with feminism, now. Let’s go back to Prince. I have 2 confess that even if Prince was my companion during my adolescence, I have only one Music cassette (!) and only one cd…Nonetheless, in every compilation I made (yeah, I was, and still I am,  that kind  of old fashioned person who makes compilations and sometimes gives them as a precious gift. It’s a supreme act of love 2 me, you know 😉 ), there were always these songs so dear 2 me: Purple rain, of course Kiss, Cream, Eternity or, if it was to be sad, Sometimes it snows in april (heart breaks on this).


by Prince so beautiful

As I said at the beginning, music is bitter-sweet, she can be painful too, and I must say that I have just one big regret: in 1987 (or was it 1988?) Prince was supposed to make a concert in Udine, my hometown. I was 17 and I bought 2 tickets. That summer two months before the concert, I broke my left knee. I was so sad, but I had a big motivation to get well and recover: Prince would be performing in september and I had 2 tickets! What else could go wrong? Nothing, but the Italian Mafia! Prince cancelled all the Italian concerts because as it seems, he was threatened by the Italian Mafia!!! (n.r.: please don’t get offended by what I am writing here, mafia is a totally vile and disgusting organization and this anecdote is nothing but a collateral effect of the cruelest actions you can ever imagine. #respecttotomafiavictims)

Not in my worst nightmares I could have imagined! Knee almost healed and heart, broken, of course!

My poor little heart…I know I shouldn’t regret, it’s not my fault, but, till now, I always thought that one day I would have  had the chance to see him on a stage and scream loud “You don’t have to be beautiful to be my…”.

I thought I really could. Damn, Prince, I wasn’t prepared to this…


Prince – Kiss Lyrics

You don’t have to be beautiful
To turn me on
I just need your body baby
From dusk till dawn
You don’t need experience
To turn me out
You just leave it all up to me
I’m gonna show you what it’s all about

You don’t have to be rich
To be my girl
You don’t have to be cool
To rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

Oh oh

You got to not talk dirty, baby
If you want to impress me
You can’t be to flirty, mama
I know how to undress me, yeah
I want to be your fantasy
Maybe you could be mine
You just leave it all up to me
We could have a good time

Don’t have to be rich
To be my girl
Don’t have to be cool
To rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

Yes, oh oh oh

I think I want to dance, uhh, ooohh
Gotta, gotta, oh
Little girl Wendy’s parade
Gotta, gotta, gotta

Women not girls rule my world
I said they rule my world
Act your age, mama (not your shoe size)
Not your shoe size
Maybe we could do the twirl
You don’t have to watch Dynasty
To have an attitude
You just leave it all up to me
My love will be your food

You don’t have to be rich
To be my girl
You don’t have to be cool
To rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your


Sweet purple dreams my sweetest Prince

Image source form Pinterest and fro http://www.sheetmusicdirect.com/se/ID_No/33170/Product.aspx

No copyright infringement intended.


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5 comments on “I wanted 2 be Wendy Melvoin* (may I share a Kiss?)
  1. Chris Gunnell says:

    Belle parole, grazie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kella Wojhan says:

    I could be wrong but I’m almost positive that is Wendy’s sister in the Kiss video. If I remember right he had a very big crush on her. I’m going to have to go research that now, it’s been a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kella Wojhan says:

    Name was Susannah I think. They were twins.

    Liked by 1 person

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Digitally enganged e sbadata per caso: una combinazione letale! ;-)
Unintentional absent-minded and Digitally engaged: a lethal combination ;-)

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