Your Ideal Man? Delivered! ;)

Not so long ago, I talked about the “IL TULIPANO, vinci l’Uomo Ideale a casa Tua” contest. Maybe now you are wondering how it ended, aren’t you? Here you’ll find a few lines to satisfy your curiosity 😉

Yesterday I went to a location in the nearness of Treviso for this atypical contest- “Il Tulipano, vinci l’uomo ideale” (Il Tulipano, win the man of your dreams!).

I had the chance to assist the giving  of the unusual “prize” to the housewife in the picture you see below.

Il Tulipano Contest winner  receives the prize :)

Il Tulipano Contest winner receives the prize 🙂

You have to know that she won a man (also in the pic) for a weekend just participating to an online contest of an Italian beauty and home products marketplace (here the web site of the contest:

It’s unusual because the prize, ehm, the man, helped her cleaning the house for an entire weekend !

Please do remember that Home duties aren’t a job for the weakest 😉



Some info about the winner and the “prize” won

Mariagiovanna Piovesan is a housewife (she is happily married, don’t be malicious!), mother of 3 children, head of a local chorus, and winner of... Federico Andrés Lorenzatti a 28 years old Italian-Argentine.

She said she never won anything, so she took the chance and get to won also 1.000,00 euros to spend in one of the Tulipano’s stores.

Federico Andrés Lorenzatti– “the prize”- came to Italy eleven years ago to become a football player, but, as he said self-ironically, he becomes now and unexpectedly a Man-object, a man to use just for a weekend.

How come he ended like that? He was the most voted online and convinced a jury, that’s how.

He was actually chosen first in a casting and then voted online (you may see him and his defiers here

He conquered women’s heart promising in his video to cook an Asado (argentine way of cooking beef), and he conquered the housewife and us too, with his joyful smile.


Smiles In the kitchen

Mariagiovanna Piovesan enjoyed his skills too in preparing breakfast for her and her husband, and in cleaning the house pavements and windows.

Even if, I have to say that she noticed that Federico cleaned a window with not enough kitchen towel, to which remark he promptly replied that “in this time of crises, we should better use less paper to save money

He is definitely a savior 😉

Your Ideal man doesn't worry for some dirt

Home duties are a cruel job

ps: Gianfranco Angelico Benvenuto, a well known photographer (since 2006 housewives’ calendar) invented this incredible contest, to make people think on women and men roles.

If you missed it and want to know more about it, please read  this post I wrote on the social media campaign – compared with 2 other contests.

Please let me know what do you think about it. Do you think that home duties are a women job or?

Please feel free to leave a polite comment.

uomo ideale il tulipano

Gianfranco Angelico Benvenuto, creator of the contest, and Federico Andres Lorenzatti, Ideal man.


The ideal man is here, what do you think about him?


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Sbadata per caso

Digitally enganged e sbadata per caso: una combinazione letale! ;-)
Unintentional absent-minded and Digitally engaged: a lethal combination ;-)

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