What a Man, Ray! (Che uomo! Man Ray)

“To create is divine, to reproduce is human” Man Ray

Yesterday I went to Man Ray’s works exhibition in Villa Manin (Passariano – Udine North Italy).

More than 300 works, from figurative art to sculpture, video and photography, are well displayed (and narrated) in this suggestive location (Villa Manin, here lived Napoleon too).

I was already into  some Man Ray’s works as Le violon d’Ingres, or some stunning portraits, the one of the poster for example (Noire at Blanche, 1926). Nonetheless, I wasn’t really aware of his incredible creativity and I did not know at all the incredible life he lived, nor his passion for women (and he was loved back too) 😉 .

He considered himself a painter, but he succeeded mostly in photography. He is also well known for some of his surreal sculpture (one for all the Iron  – Le Cadeau, 1921, or  was it dadaist?).

I loved to get to know much better his life, his struggle to maintain himself too. The quote above refers to the fact that he sold Le violon d’Ingres promising that it was the original copy. Later when the lady who bought it, discovered that he was selling others in minor format, he just admitted that he made a few of them and  that he was keeping the negative. Later on those days, in the footer of one of the many reproductions, he dedicated to the lady (I can’t remember who she was)  those lines  I quoted above. Was he a genius or not? 😉    Source Villa Manin website  Man ray’s Trust

update november 2017: If you want to know more and see more works by Man Ray, you may like this site, enjoy! Man Ray’s page on Artsy

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photography, man ray

photography, man ray


Digitally Engaged e Sbadata per Caso: una combinazione letale ;) Digitally Engaged and Unintentionally Absentminded: a lethal combination ;-) I am into Graphic Design, Photography and Social Media

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Sbadata per caso

Digitally enganged e sbadata per caso: una combinazione letale! ;-)
Unintentional absent-minded and Digitally engaged: a lethal combination ;-)

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